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Systems Auditing

General Air Compressors, Inc. is at the forefront of compressed air system auditing. We utilize the latest technology available to accurately determine customer’s air usage profile, and then recommend the most efficient method of compressed air delivery for each application. Gone are the days of making educated guesses at compressor sizing, generally resulting in too much air compressor for most plants, wasting thousands of dollars a year in operating expense. With our advanced auditing capabilities, we now exactly match the most efficient air compressor system to your plant needs. No longer is the air compressor a “necessary evil” – with our energy efficient variable speed air compressors & air dryers, low pressure drop filtration, and zero air loss drains, we can show customers a very favorable return on investment. Also, most customers will qualify for rebates from their utility provider, further enhancing the return on investment. In performing our level 2 and level 3 audits, we use the following equipment:

kW Logger – not just a simple amp meter taking an occasional reading – the data logger measures true kW, or power, being absorbed by the air compressor.

Pressure Logger – accurately measures and records system pressure. This information, along with the kW log, allows us to accurately determine air usage profiles.

Flow Logger – permanently installed into the compressed air system, these loggers allow for continual observance of system flow.

Click on the links below to view a few samples of actual customer audits, showing kW/pressure graphs and estimated power savings.

System Auditing for Vinyl Extruder
Vinyl Extruder

System Auditing for Technical College
Techinical College

System Auditing for Manufacturing Facility
Manufacturing Facility

System Auditing for Automobile Dealership
Automobile Dealership

System Auditing for Large Film Processor
Large Film Processor


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