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General Air Compressors Office Located in Southern California

Started in 1977 from a company selling variable pitch drive pulleys, General Air Compressors, Inc. has grown into a world class supplier of compressed air systems, mainly serving the Orange County, Los Angeles, & Inland Empire areas.

Over the last few years, General Air has changed the direction & emphasis of its business model, concentrating on energy efficient compressed air systems. Most compressor distributors are still selling compressors the old fashioned way – trying to make educated guesses based on the current installation, plus anticipated growth. At General Air, we offer complete system auditing, from kW monitoring, air pressure monitoring, and CFM flow monitoring to determine exact air usage & profiles.

We have installed many variable speed compressed air systems, saving customers thousands of dollars a year in electrical costs. With a large inventory of variable speed air compressors, energy efficient dryers & filtration, parts department, and factory trained service personal, we look forward to serving your compressed air system needs.



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